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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – According to their love language

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With the day-of-the-lovers around the corner, you are probably wondering what to get for your Valentine.


Why not give them what they want, by loving them, the way they want to be loved. Using their love language.

What are love languages?

The five love languages which are an anology by Dr. Gary Chapman, describe the way we feel loved and appreciated.  They depend on our personalities and it is very possible to have a different love language to your partner.

According to Dr. Chapman, there are five love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch.

It is very important for a couple to discover their love languages as it helps them to understand their partners needs and expectations. It works for my relationship. Once I found out how my partners loves to be loved, gifting became a little easier.  

My love languages are Quality time and Physical touch. What are yours?

Find out your love language today by taking this quiz

Gift Ideas for Your Love Language

Words of Affirmation

People who express this love language need to consistently hear words of appreciation and gratitude. These gift ideas will help you appreciate your partner better.

  1. Take a few tips from the 19th century and write a love letter. Your partner appreciate the time and effort that you take when you put pen to paper to express how much you love and appreciate them.
  2. A jar of hearts – Each day from now until Valentines Day, write one way in which your partner is a gift to you and makes your life better. Collect each thought into a jar and wrap it up for them to read on the special day.
  3. If your love loves a big teddy, get them one with a voice recorder prerecorded with the million reasons you love them, our just a sweet message or song.
  4. Bigger can be better, rent a billboard and express your appreciation for your valentine in front of the whole world. Research on the costs related to putting up a billboard and start the process.
  5. Create a playlist for them, with songs that give a special message you are too shy to express.
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Acts of Service

A person who relates to this love language feels loved when things are done for them. You can express your love by doing a chore you wouldn’t usually do to help your partner, or bringing them food or simply offering to drive them somewhere

  1. Candle lit dinner with a home cooked meal. Clean the house, have candles lit, and prepare a home cooked meal for your partner. This gift idea never gets old. Breakfast in bed is an alternative to this.
  2. Plan a night out that’s all about them. People who appreciate acts of service are usually putting everyone else before themselves in life. They sacrifice so much to make others happy. Take them to their favorite restaurant, a movie they’ve been dying to see, or a nice wine bar to make it all about them.
  3. Wash their car and fill it up with gas at the end of every week (or however these things need to be done.)
  4. Organize a day of pampering for them. Mani’s, Pedi’s, massages, popping champagne. Just make sure they can sit back and enjoy being serviced.  

Receiving Gifts

This may look like the easiest to meet, but you really have to make sure that the gift is from deep in your heart and has meaning behind it

  1. 5 Senses Gift Idea is the perfect way to spoil someone who really  loves gifts. What you do is give them 5 different gifts – 1 for each of the 5 senses (touch, sound, taste, sight, smell).  This is a really thoughtful gift that is something they’ll also really enjoy.
  2. If your love enjoys being the fashionista and looking good, get them a nice pair of heels or a good quality bag or handbag.
  3. If your lover loves taking deep soaks in the bathtub and smelling good. Get them some luxury bath salts.
  4. Natural crafts always make a beautiful gift. Get them something crafted, a picture frame, desk organizer, charm bracelet, custom toolbox, personalized candles, the ideas are endless.
  5. Create a scrapbook full of your favorite memories over the years.
  6. Create a display of your favorite short clips of them captured on video. Doa project of taking videos of your love doing things you love about them and gift them

Quality Time

This is a humble request. It shows that what makes your partner the happiest is spending time with you. But this is about them so here are some ideas on how to make that quality time extra special.

  1. Take the ultimate road trip adventure together! There’s nothing better that spending a few days in a car with your partner. It will draw you guys closer and will allow you to enjoy new experiences together.
  2. Book a skills class together. It can be cooking, painting, dancing or singing. Look around your area you might find someone offering this.  
  3. Plan a staycation, book an Airbnb and disappear for a mini holiday for a weekend. Get to know each other even better.
  4. Binge watch a series on Netflix together
  5. Plan a wine tasting event at their favorite restaurant or local winery.

Physical Touch

This love language means that the person looking for love and affirmation relies on those emotions being conveyed through touch. The physical touch is high on their list of needs because that connection is, literally, more than skin deep. They know you love them when you make concerted efforts to make physical contact with them. Here are gift ideas that will get you into some instant skin time:

  1. If you are good with your hands, get your hands on some massage oils and remove those knots in your partner’s body. Not confident in your massage skills? Book a professional couples massage for you both to enjoy.
  2. Learn how to become more sexually connected and spice up your bedroom life by getting the Kama Sutra book. This will bring fire to your relationship.
  3. A personalized blanket to keep them warm when you are not around.
  4. Couple’s body painting class.
  5. A new dress and a promise for a night out dancing. Salsa dancing would do the trick

What are you getting for your special someone this Valentine? Comment below