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How to rank high on Fiverr as a beginner

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Success on Fiverr depends on how high you rank in your respective niche. Some may think that making it big on Fiverr is by chance, however that is far from the truth. To make more money on Fiverr, you have to follow certain steps that would push you up the ranks.

If you are reading this, you have probably already set up your Fiverr account and you are just trying to optimize it. However, if you have not, read this article on Getting started on Fiverr.

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Once you have your profile and your Fiverr gig is live you need to implement a few steps to get the gig ranking and sales flowing in.

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1. Create a Dummy account

A dummy account is basically a fake account. You need to create another Fiverr account with a different email address. After the account is up and running, buy your Gig at least once from your seller account. This process will cost you only a dollar for each purchase. After you purchase your gig, make sure to give yourself a positive review.

An alternative to this is to get a friend to buy the gig from you and leave a good review.

2. Get your first order

Sending out multiple buyer requests will get you your first client faster than just sitting around and waiting. Send out proposals to buyers who post looking for service providers, and when you do get that gig, pull your all into it and make sure you do your best to get a good review.

3. Get Visitors

It is advisable not to go overboard when you do this. Sends at least 200 fake visitors to your Fiverr gig. This will boost your gigs impressions and make it more visible to cash at hand buyers.

You can just buy the fake hits from Fiverr or other sites.

4. Use the right keywords

Keywords are the common words clients use to search for a specific gig. The right keywords are what ensure that your gigs are found when a buyer is searching for them. If you are blog writer, keywords such as the ones below would put you on the map.

  • High quality blog post
  • blog content writer
  • SEO articles and many more