Making Money

Freelancing ideas for a beginner

Freelancing allows you to work on your own terms. You can work from anywhere you like, at your own time and you can make your own rules. However, it also means that your income is not stable as your income depends on the volume of jobs you completed.

Platforms such as Fiverr, Payperhour, and Upwork allow freelancers to advertise their skills and find clients. On these platforms, one can make an upwards on $5 per job per hour. In order to make money in freelancing, you have to sell skills people will pay for. As a beginner you are probably confused on what skill to sell, but fear not – I have listed 20 freelancing ideas that you should consider.

  1. Article Writer 
  2. Blog Writer 
  3. Web Content Writer 
  4. Writing Translator 
  5. Proofreader 
  6. Ghost Writer 
  7. Resume & Cover Letter Writer 
  8. Academic Writing 
  9. Logo Designer
  10.  Photoshop Editor
  11. Photo Retouching
  12. Graphic/Poster Designer
  13. Book Cover Designer
  14. Banner/Ad Designer
  15. Print Designer
  16. Flyer Designer
  17. Web Development
  18. Back-End Developer 
  19. WordPress Expert
  20. Website Builder
  21. SEO Consultant
  22. Fitness Advisor
  23. Intro Videos
  24. Video Animator
  25.  Virtual Assistant